Sunday, May 5, 2019

Poem for the Present Generation of Vegan Activists Peacefully Intervening to Save Animals

I am here now

            for the young vegan activists saving animals from slaughter

I am here now
because a young human
interrupted my journey to the slaughtering,
hoisted me over their shoulders
and carried me towards animation.

I am here now
my eyes dilating fast
to take in this extension
to life — and the blood of my kin
is a river never divided.

I am here now
because an intervention
drew out the length of my days;
the things I have learnt we have taken —
we breathe the same air as our dead.

I am here now
because the young humans
are rising peacefully from their screens
to step into the killing zones,
to bend down and lift us back to the light.

            John Kinsella

Note: I hope the tags for this entry say something, too.

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