Thursday, March 29, 2018

Against Australia's Arms Industry

I write this as an expression of absolute disgust at and resistance to the Australian government's push towards becoming a 'top ten' arms manufacturer (see). That is the politics of murder. And, furthermore, I write against Australian universities accepting research money directly or indirectly from those connected with arms industries anywhere (see).

Graphology Subtracter 3: global/local

Australia dreams (in its substitutions) of its small arms manufacturers
becoming big arms manufacturers — an artisanship of the many,
the splendour of giving tools of power to ‘allies’.

A bunch of Australian universities are already paving the way
for knowledge endowment — ethics committees and components
for nuclear weapons as close as investment in intellectual freedom.

Yesterday we saw a quenda cross our path — or we crossed its path —
in the broadest daylight. What wasn’t out of kilter in its world?
Such investment intermediaries of life — the expansion of ‘opportunities’,
the denials, the codes of conduct guiding professional outcomes.

            John Kinsella