Sunday, November 29, 2015

Penillion Against Bombing

This percussion’s
Desolation —
By one remove
The killing trove.

In claw & tooth,
Jackal, deer, North-
ern bald ibis —
Total eclipse —

That you will strip
To bare bare bones —
Beast and human,

No virtual
Play, visual
On your smart phone —
Curtailed lifespan.

What’s endangered?
Truth embodied —
Temminck’s horned lark,
Flamingo’s spark?

Life’s decoding
An imploding —
Plotless story,
Praise the glory?

They block the sun
With their mission —
They send dark birds
And deadly words —

To make ruins,
Desolation —
What’s not destroyed
Will be destroyed.

This death sentence
Kills innocence
Which also dwells
Amidst the kills.

A prayer is prayer
Anywhere. Here

Or there a blitz
Makes resistance.
What’s not destroyed
Will be destroyed.

            John Kinsella