Friday, June 1, 2018

Big Sky Geraldton and False Claims of Colonial Thieves

By Tracy

Last weekend saw Geraldton's Big Sky Readers and Writers Festival, an annual literary event. This year we all went up because John was there along with Yamaji poet and artist, Charmaine Papertalk Green to read from and discuss the poetry book on which they have collaborated, False Claims of Colonial Thieves.

To quote the website of the publisher, Magabala Books, 

“Papertalk Green and Kinsella call into question what we think we know about our country, colonisation, land and identity. Each poem is part of a striking conversation that surrounds topics such as childhood, history, life, love, mining, death, respect and cultural diversity. This extraordinary publication weaves two differing lives and experiences together and rarely pauses for breath.”

Here are a few photographs from the event for this book, hosted by Trudi Cornish & Nola Gregory, held in the Geraldton Library.

Charmaine Papertalk Green with Trudi Cornish, Acting Manager, Libraries & Heritage

John Kinsella reads at the Geraldton Library

Charmaine Papertalk Green reads from her poems in False Claims of Colonial Thieves