Sunday, February 27, 2022

In Full Support of Ukraine and Against Violence On EVERY Level

I condemn the invasion of Ukraine by the military forces of the Kremlin and the tyrant Putin. This horrendous abuse of human rights and human dignity is deplorable on every level. As a committed pacifist, I firmly believe that non-violent resistance and protest are the most effective way of countering this abuse of life. Meeting violence with violence will mean more violence, more suffering. Total and utter refusal to do what the militarists demand is, to my mind, the only effective answer. 

I send my support and solidarity to all those in Ukraine who are under attack or under threat. I also send my support to those peace protesters in Russia who face arrest with their every objection and refusal to be part of a tyrant-driven Kremlin agenda of extending power and occupying country in order to enhance imperial obsessions. To the people peacefully resisting this, you are not and never will be forgotten. We are with you.

Taking up arms only means more death and increases the wealth of military profiteers. I am disgusted by Germany breaking its own 'restraints' to supply weapons to the conflict (though this is unsurprising, given Germany is an exporter of arms), and also by Australia for doing the same (also unsurprising, given it's a nation working hard to increase its role and influence in the world armaments trade). This is, of course, part of the increasingly right-wing urges of a right-wing Federal government that aims to project itself into global politics as a 'middle ranking power'. The disgraceful AUKUS pact, the drive for nuclear-powered submarines, the push to make the Australian military 'less woke', and the increasing push for military-related activities in Australian universities, are all part of this. 

The decision to send 'lethal aid' (an oxymoron if ever there was one) to Ukraine is part of the death cultism of right-wingism. The Russian power-elite shares a similar worldview, but with a 'stronger' military behind it. Violence leads to more violence. Send humanitarian aid in every way possible; aid should be life-affirming and not death-making in nature and intent. Peaceful aid will mean the preservation of life. 

Lethal Aid


There’s no point even placing

scare quotes around this.

In the frenzy for death to show

resolve where death is,


the Australian government

will send its devices of death

into the killzones, will feed

death so when death


comes to its end, a supplied

by Australia logo will light

up the graves, a small

if not discreet claim,


a reminder of assistance

rendered, of death’s compassion

for death. The invaders

will recognise it as kin


to their own way of thinking.

An aid to memory, of aid rendered.



            John Kinsella

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Forest Raves Are a Severe Threat to Ecologies

Forest Raves Fuck Up The Forest

Forest raves fuck up the forest —

the doof doof annihilation

of the birds barely registered,


the minuscule syrinxes, the costumed

feathers, the hyperstimulated skin,

the padded nests you can collapse


into exhausted but still willing

to party on, tossing the fledglings

out on the forest floor to be stomped,


hands reaching to the canopy

& twilight’s nimbus — a false

friend of freedom, a flattering


admirer of the rubbished moon. And

the spreading of cinnamon fungus as you rave

to avoid limitations on venue numbers


due to Covid, the imitation of animals

that has no respect or understanding

for the animals imitated, a cultural


mocking, the melding with an ecology

which you destroy as effectively as farmers

& mountain bikers. You can doof to this doof.


You can crank up the energy consumption.

You can max out on the tools of capitalism.

You can carbonate in full immersion.


And so the fire twirlers in dry & heat-stricken

woodlands, & so the off-your-face open air

self-discovery & bonding rituals,


& so the mockery of all ancient knowledges,

& so the colonial paradoxes seem to be reset

with every alternative setting, each contra-


indication... & so the party at the end of the world

which is dance beats as utility as centres

in which you are the anonymous sole attraction,


the contradiction of liberation,

the raving exploitation of nature,

as your forest rave fucks up the forest


as you do the work for mining companies,

land developers, dispossessors and pastoralists,

as your forest rave fucks up the forest.



            John Kinsella