Saturday, February 29, 2020

Reverence ['Part Two'] — Further Collaborative Work With Urs Jaeggi

And so to the next run of the Jaeggi-Kinsella Zurich Reverence notebook and inter-leafery — 'existence' querying...:

     [Part Three of Urs Jaeggi and John Kinsella Reverence]

Reverence ['Part One'] — Further Collaborative Work With Urs Jaeggi

    by John Kinsella

Urs and I spent an intense afternoon in late January working on this new collaboration entitled Reverence. It was on a day of protest against the rapacity of industrial capital. Urs's print-out texts and ink drawings are interwoven/interleaved with hand-written replies by me (with some hand-scribed moments by him, too!): extensions, riffs, diversions, responses and (copied-out) citations. Scribbles, scrawls, diagrams and 'errors'. It's intended as a 'living text', a rhizome testing the nature of the world around its coming into being. A conversation that took place in the Zurich James Joyce Foundation (thanks all there) with Finnegans Wake and commentaries (in the Joyce library), and with much else. So over a series of posts, I am going present the work: page by page... this is the first batch, and two more follow before the D & G 'body without organs' takes shape into something... corporeal vs. machine?

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