Monday, December 15, 2008

Vegan "Pirate" Party, Part One

By Tracy

Tim's pre-primary class has got their end-of-term party tomorrow, and the theme (which has been their theme all term) is "Pirates".

I've made some vegan sausage rolls, courtesy of this vegetarian blog which carries some vegan recipes, and am in the process of decorating a vegan pirate cake and gingerbread pirates -- more photos to follow...

We've been very lucky with open-minded and sympathetic teachers for both our kids, in terms of respecting the choice not to eat meat or animal products, visit zoos, etc. Nonetheless, mainstream schooling has its challenges for the anarchist pacifist vegan -- I think ours might turn out to be the only pirate ship cake with no guns, cutlasses or cannons...

Likewise for the superhero thing that seems to grab the imagination of pre-primary kids, certainly the boys if not the girls. Too many of these toys and related items promote aggression -- not only in theme but sometimes in actuality, e.g. superhero toys that shoot real little projectiles (I wonder how these pass safety standards, anyway?).

Tim likes Superman and Spiderman because "they don't have weapons" (at least in the versions he knows of them -- he is too young to watch the movies!).

In any case, at the moment, they are taking a back seat to his real current obsession: ACDC.

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N. Hobby said...

AccaDacca are probably closet vegans :). It's hard to live at odds with the world and especially at school. Probably makes them think.

On the superhero think, I once started a novel called Lazarus the pacifist superhero. His only superpower was that he kept on getting raised from the dead. It was quite shite, but I would like to do the theme well. I agree, Spiderman's halfway there.