Monday, August 15, 2016

Graphology Chronotype 34: Parking Refugees -- a poem by John Kinsella

by John

Graphology Chronotype 34: Parking Refugees

Wilson’s parking — ‘Expensive,
don’t you think?’ Yes, close kin
of Wilson’s of Nauru. Security.
You know, where victims
are guilty and sex crimes
are as the case may be
and the Minister says
what’s what about self-
immolation. Security. Private.
And privacy of a sort.
They have many locations
in the city. Each lot
a kingdom. Your cars
in their care. Security.
Underwriting the Island
where no man, woman
or child can be entire of itself.
Impoverished, bought off
by the Australian
Government, sub-let
to Wilson’s. Fire sale.
Big island little island
what begins with I?
But don’t worry,
Wilson’s is watching out
for the silent majority
right here where cars
need somewhere to park.
Security. Your cars
in their care. And anyway,
how many cars could they
fit on Nauru? Diversify.
Security. Living space.

            John Kinsella

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