Friday, April 28, 2023

The Greed of Chalice Mining — now they want to do an open cut Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element (Ni-Cu-PGE) mine and destroy Julimar Forest

 Forest (a flash fiction of 200 words)


            John Kinsella



Stepping through the forest door, Kris and Los forgot to close it behind them. Admittedly, it was a permeable door that allowed forest creatures to pass back and forth relatively unhindered, and even for seeds and shoots and rhizomes to find a way through or under or around. But the door was to prevent people stealing the forest. This did not mean that people couldn’t live with and interact with the forest — to the contrary, and there were peoples living with the trees who respected the forest for what it was, and the forest in turn respected them.


But forgetting to close the forest door allowed the 'green miners' to find a way in without any restraints. Kris and Los were deep inside when they remembered their error but, rushing back along a shady path, encountered many bereft creatures saying the end had come. Kris and Los asked how so? Because these miners want what's under the forest so they can profit more from humanity surviving longer.


Kris and Los reached the broken, gaping door, and yelled at the miners, We will not use those batteries anymore! With no profits to be made, the miners vacated, leaving wreckage behind them.


AND please sign this petition. Get active please people, and don't let this happen. The destruction of a forest is NOT good for the biosphere. This is an appalling case of greenwashing and these greedy people are trying to convince you it's for your good when it's purely for their own good!

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