Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quairading walk

By Tracy

Because today was a beautiful, sunny spring day, and we knew the wildflowers would be out in greater numbers than last time, and because it was my birthday, we went for a long walk in the Quairading Nature Reserve.

We've visited there before, but today was the first time we walked all the way to Nookaminnie Rock, which has breathtaking views and is well worth the extra distance.

The woodland walk...

Everlastings in their millions -- the photo shows only a small section and can't do it justice. Eventually you walk a path through acres of them to your left and right.

Resting mid-journey on Nookaminnie Rock.


Growling Gecko said...

Indeed it was a cracker of a day yesterday 24 degrees down here on the south coast!

N. Hobby said...

Happy birthday!

Barbara Temperton said...

It's been a spectacular wildflower season here in the Mid West. I've posted some pics on my Facebook page. So glad you got out to enjoy the season. So many pink everlastings in your neighborhood... we are having a white & yellow/gold year up here (because there has been so much rain, the locals say) Happy Birthday, Tracy!