Saturday, June 2, 2012

Written by John, posted by Tracy

The Emperor of Ice-cream and his Cronies: the New Transportation

‘The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.’
Wallace Stevens


You WILL be relocated to the mines of Western Australia.
You will ‘join’ the ‘boom’ (as John Forbes wrote: ‘even if we don’t choose to join you, we do’).
You will admit Perth to be the centre of the known Universe.
You will all bow down to the Emperor and his cronies.
You will eat the planet alive and shit it out on the cosmos.
You will consume consume consume.
You will buy off or crush those who oppose.
You will ‘negotiate’ with only one outcome possible: boom boom boom.
You will feed the Fukushimas and nuclear weapons industries.
You will allow him to enslave the unemployed and destroy families.
You will then allow him impose a ‘better’ version of (‘Christian’) family.
You will hear him on the airwaves praising ice-cream. It’s climatic.
You will ‘hear’ what you think you want to ‘hear’.
You will say okay, okay... boom boom boom.
You will attend theatre and opera weighed down with the cast-offs
from over-fed miners’ wardrobes – you, and the companies.
You will gloat and never get the irony of Lucky Country recidivus.
You will enjoy the lifestyle.
You will worship the Queen who is the Emperor’s rep in the Old World.
You will make haste to the mines.

John Kinsella

Written in response to this article, and many others, pertaining to the right-wing corporate rule of Western Australia.


Unknown said...

Hi John and Tracy, here is something i wrote by some coincidence on the saturday of this blog post. "publishing" on someone elses comments page hardly seems ideal, but it seems as good a place as any at the moment, and somewhat relevant, at least...

perf! perf!

edifying prose burly bounds and dives in
on the the vents and winds swirling over yon
those tetra pickle pointed pliers apple-ing at the sky
a fist stand fandom
dreams of recipro city cordoned bleh thrifty-fifty
entry fee enter bland man


difficult album salad days hey-don’t-go-there e lip
sis perf riff referal eff em (eral/muriel) where all
the ponies go to doe or don’t doe by the sworn
bleating perf ceptions bambi as green lighted intro
duction to the cruelcruelcruelcruelcruel world
remembers the dead mother deer
& nothing else of the film


phlegm. expelled moment of nostrils flared or throat impaired
viscosity as actuality defence on point of lined up hairs
perf perf ! where do you go the clouds the air the long bow around the knot of coast and dissipate elsewhere into the electron cloud rees sourced for election chowder


why yes my fingers do stand and point like skyscrapers on saint
Georges terrace clear as career politicians will tear the assumed
us a new one the way one
would tear a copy of the West
paper in metaphorical defiance or disgust


it takes more than a westerly to blow away vested interests always
in the self caper as ee gee gas point pushed by the premiers pockets
and the po po on display for whatever poets to make a mockery of
why yes
i guess
this is what little L new liberal neo freedom looks like
; the farts of Barnett’s mouth when they deign to respond
can’t please everyone but
can sure please that briny self

- Connor Weightman

D351L5 P3N15 said...

Oh ! I recognise the world I live in . No , really , more than you know .

Know the name : " Rothschild " ? Know how rife they are here ?

I call " The Emporer " Crawlin' Barnrat . If you " get it " , please incorporate with your own ample vocabulary .

Been Googling " Anarchist Fremantle " a bit lately . This blog comes up near the top of the list . Been trying to find The No Name Collective . Any clues ?

( Doesn't having a google account prove that I am indeed a robot ? A ( lack of ) persona forced to adopt in order to play the game . Just another " You WILL ... " thorn in my side , nail in my coffin . Just pretend it's not happening , in much the same way that the Barnrat pretends to be premier , nicht wahr , innit ? )

D351L5 P3N15 said...

Just to follow up : I found them . Went down to Freo yesterday and after a bit of question asking , got the last copy of Avenue , the 'zine put out by The Unnamed Collective ( not The No Name Collective as my failing memory remembered ). Interesting stuff , let's wish them well , shall we ? Available to read online , as a download or to contribute to at