Monday, December 12, 2016

Stop Destruction of Beeliar Wetlands

The Barnett government in Western Australia is beginning its destructive work in the Beeliar Wetlands in Perth, for the Roe 8 extension -- building a further section of the Roe Highway as part of the planned Perth Freight Link.

First came the fences and the trapping of wildlife -- in intense heat (see the Canberra Times about this) and now the machines.

Today there has been a heavy police presence at the protest camp (protectors' camp) on Malvolio Road in Coolbellup.

You can find out more about the struggle to stop this environmental disaster at Rethink the Link, and at Save Beeliar Wetlands.

If you are in Perth, you can call by and add your presence and support to the protest camp, or you can follow their news online.

Video by J. P. Quinton

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Anonymous said...

Good on you for raising awareness and joining the protest. Roe 8 is a terrible thing - so unnecessary and backward looking. My grandparents lived in North Lake all the years I knew them, and I lived with them a year; I've spent much time walking around the area. It's a special place, and we won't get it back. I think the police should not be there defending Barnett's agenda against the people.