Monday, November 15, 2021

Was out at Julimar Conservation Park on Sunday with Tracy. A few photos and a poem in support of the mixed woodlands/forest (below). This article from Landscope is useful regarding some of the colonial incursion/history of the place and its importance in the now. I don't agree with some of the approaches in the article (especially regarding four-wheel driving), but the piece does highlight the importance of the 'park'. It is vital we keep focus on the forest and the threat it is under from Chalice Mining. Also see this article at Hike West regarding the threat to environment from Chalice.

Investor Notes for Chalice Mining’s Persecution of Land at Julimar

‘sombre woods’
The Argonautica

With settler familiarity the forest is brow-beaten
by four-wheel drives and pig hunters. Pigs are the lament-
excuse-justification for blood-letting, a way around
circumventions. And then there’s the farm turned
into a minefield — a mine in a field, or rather
the exploratory drills for a mine in a field
that will dilate into the forest if the company
has its way with relevant government agencies —
the lamenting and unravelling of ‘green tape’. In case
you shoulder wonder about deployments of language
for investors, try ‘Gonneville Intrusion’ as the name
for these activities. Or, ‘strategic deposit’ of ‘critical
minerals.’ Intrusion strategic critical deposit. And
‘expand footprint’. Definition. Seven rigs — diamond
and reverse circulation. Farmland entrée. And then...
and then the full run of revelation with missionary zeal.

And this poem-addendum to petition that lives in the mind
of the forest and its readers — the wandoo and jarrah
and marri trees in full awareness of what lies
beneath in the ‘complex’, speaking with words
that will be extinguished before they can find
a way past investor vocabularies, before they
can upset degrees of separation, the consequences
of portfolios. Oh, blue leschenaultia
and kangaroo paws were still flowering
and a light breeze was a sombre ocean
in the mixed woodland when we visited
over on Sunday — as the company’s advance 
gathers pace, as the ‘maiden resource’
PRs its heroics, buys into community,
spreads news of inevitability, of success.

John Kinsella

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